Happy Fishing Unblocked

In the entertaining fishing game Happy Fishing, you must use a hook to catch as many fish as you can without touching any underwater explosions. Welcome to the world of the ocean, where you can practice your fishing! You will play this game as a fisher and attempt to capture as many fish as you can. The mechanisms are really basic. However, because there are so many bombs on the sea, it would be better to exercise caution. The bomb will detonate if your hook even comes close to it. You have three hooks stashed away. If you lose every hook, you lose. Additionally, each species of fish yields a distinct profit, so catch as many large fish as you can to maximize your earnings. You may climb the leaderboard in this game by catching fish. A wonderful time!

Features of Happy Fishing
Cartoon character
Cool graphics and art animations
Various fish

Release Date
Jan 06 2021

How to play
Click or tap to drop the fishhook.