The Fish Master Unblocked

In the entertaining fishing game The Fish Master, your goal is to capture as many fish as you can while developing your fishing line so that it can reach deeper waters and catch more fish. Your goal is to use a hook to catch every sea animal. Numerous species exist, including the dolphin, crab, shark, shrimp, and whale. Each species has unique advantages. Consequently, relax and go fishing. In addition, you can enhance your fishing line to reach a deeper part of the ocean and catch bigger fish. Keep in mind that you must catch a specific number of fish for each stage. Reach your objective, then make money! The gameplay is quite basic. Controlling the hook merely requires the use of your mouse.

Features of The Fish Master
Various marine species
Upgrade your fishing line
Reach deeper point

Release date
Mar 05 2020

How to play
Use mouse to play the game.